ETOOLAB 20V Electric Mini Chain Saw (2 Batteries & 2 Chains)

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Product Description

Brand: etoolab

Color: Black, Green, Orange


  • Our company is dedicated to the development of household power tools and has a variety of products under its name. The mini chainsaw has higher quality than most on markert that has a long service life; easy to operate and clean; widely used.
  • Built-in 7th generation motor, stable output power, durable and low noise, the mini chainsaw has an 21ft/s cutting speed.The turely 580w pure copper professional motor brings really strong power and the cutting diameter is up to 8 inches. All the reviews can prove it. So whether it is for wood cutting, DIY or gardening, ETOLAB mini chainsaw can bring you the best user experience.
  • The mini chain saw battery is through UL & SGS authoritative certification , purpose-built for power tools. Professional manufacturing and high quality make the battery last 8 times longer than traditional rechargeable batteries. After more than 1000 laboratory tests, the battery still maintains a stable power output. Each battery only needs to be fully charged in 60 mins and keep working maximum up 1 hours . The indicator light let you know the status of battery !
  • Our cordless mini chainsaw is perfect for most people, including women and seniors. It has a compact 5-inch guide bar that lets you work in tight spaces where traditional chainsaws can't fit. You don't need any tools to take it apart - just unscrew the knob by hand, and you can install it in one minute without a wrench. It's great for practical tasks like pruning trees, shrubs, tinder, and DIY crafts. Plus, it's lightweight at only 1.3 kg, so you can use it with ease.
  • We've taken multiple safety measures to make sure our mini chainsaw is reliable and secure. The lab-grade battery core includes overheating protection, and you'll need to press both the safety lock and switch at the same time to use it. The 100° safety baffles also prevent debris from splashing. The security lock works in both directions, so even left-handed users won't have any issues. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, the ETOLAB Mini Chainsaw is the best choice for you.